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Quality counts

Quality assurance

Texts are translated from German into English by a native speaker who has been living in Germany for 35 years and has extensive experience in the specialist fields of software and Web site localisation, data and telecommunications systems, marketing and logistics, and automobile and machine engineering. Translations into and out of all European languages are supplied by experienced translators, who all translate texts from their respective specialist fields into their native languages. Our experience has shown that only native speakers are able to consistently deliver the high quality demanded by our clients. You can therefore be certain of receiving an absolutely correct translation of your specialist text.

Translation software or translation service?

There are many translation programs available on the market today which claim to produce a perfect finished article. It is indisputable that such programs can be of great assistance in laying the foundation for a translation. However, they will never be capable of replacing their human counterparts. Language itself is far too complex to be reproduced faithfully in all its entirety by a computer program. Language simply contains too many nuances and shades of meaning. It is just these variables of language which, if falsely interpreted, can lead for to a misunderstanding, which can in turn prove fatal to an important business relationship. The end result could even be the loss of a potential business partner or being passed over in favour of the competition during delicate contract negotiations. Anybody requiring a translation should therefore consider whether he wants to entrust the development, or even the existence, of his business to a computer program, which cannot guarantee perfect results. Or should he decide in favour of the, admittedly more expensive, translator, who can be relied upon to deliver an accurate version of the original?

Leave translating to professional translators!

Many project managers think that they can cut costs by giving a text that has been translated in-house to a translator, who then “just needs to make a few corrections”.

If top quality is required, this is absolutely the wrong approach! Our experience has shown that:

  • In 5 out of every 10 cases, the product of this method is, to put it bluntly, only fit for the waste bin.
  • In 7 out of every 10 cases, it would have been cheaper and quicker to have the text translated from scratch by a professional translator than to have the in-house translation proof-read and corrected. The client does not save any time or money, as the employee charged with the translation – irrespective of how long he may have spent abroad –needs many more (naturally paid) hours to translate the text into what is, for him, a foreign language, than does the experienced translator translating into his native language. Answering the frequent enquiries from the translator is also a much more time-consuming exercise than it would appear at first glance.
  • In 10 out of 10 cases, it is necessary to edit and correct the translation to a varying degree.

Translators are a waste of space

Food for thought…:

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