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How do we work?

Software tools

The Translation Memory tools (Computer-Assisted Translation or CAT software) SDL Trados Studio 2017Across 7.0. and Transit NTX are used to ensure the consistency of your translations. All of your translations are permanently stored in a dedicated database which can be supplemented with your glossaries or terminology lists. This ensures that

  1. you always only pay for new translations (respectively proportionately for amended contents),
  2. the correct terminology is always used in the right context even years later.

File processing and DTP programs under Windows and macOS

We work under MS Windows and macOS with all standard word-processing and DTP programs incl.:

  • Adobe Fireworks CS6
  • Adobe FrameMaker 2019
  • Adobe Illustrator CS 2020
  • Adobe InDesign CS 2020
  • Adobe PageMaker 6.5
  • Microsoft Office 365 / Visio 2016
  • OpenOffice 4.1

We can naturally also natively process other file formats such as HTML, LaTeX, PO, XLIFF or XML, etc. You then receive an identical copy of your file – but in English (or another foreign language of your choice).

We can also modify the layout to accommodate varying text lengths (this is frequently the case with PowerPoint presentations, for instance).

PDF files are converted into a workable format prior to translation, whereby the original layout is retained to as great an extent as possible (the results vary depending on whther the PDF file was created by a software application or from a graphic source, hard copy, etc.). We therefore always urge the client to send us the source file wherever possible – this can save both us and you time otherwise spent unnecessarily on the pre-/post-processing of your translation!

Please get in touch with us if you have files in other formats. We will ensure that your order can be completed in accordance with your requirements. To date we have been able to process every file type presented to us!

 Service options

  • Express Service – completion on the same day (only after confirmation by telephone – a 50% surcharge applies).
  • Standard Service – completion time depends on the volume.


  • We have a standardised price structure. As we charge a uniform line price (varies according to the language) irrespective of the degree of difficulty of the text, you, as the client, always know exactly what your translations will cost without having to worry about any ‘hidden extras’.
  • Ask us for a (for us) binding offer for the translation of your text. Just send us an email with the file(s) to be translated.
  • Larger orders will be dealt with at special rates (by prior arrangement). Further requirements can naturally be taken into account (e.g. special document layout, etc.).
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